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Narrabri Underground Stage 3

  • 480 Mt CO2-e lifetime emissions (Scope 1, 2 and 3)
  • Will extend the life of Whitehaven’s existing Narrabri mine from 2031 to 2044
  • If WHC go ahead and build the NU Stage 3 project, it is likely to become the most polluting thermal coal mine in Australia for Scope 1 GHG emissions.

Whitehaven’s Narrabri coal mine expansion threatens the Pilliga state forest and several iconic and threatened species such as the Regent Honeyeater, Koala, Pilliga mouse and Corben Long-eared bat.

The NSW planning department’s assessment of the project found the expansion requires a comparatively large area of surface disturbance compared to other underground mines in NSW. This is due to the gassy nature of the mine and the need for mine ventilation and gas extraction. Some 617 ha of native vegetation and habitat for threatened species would be required to be progressively cleared, or else impacted by subsidence.

The project is planning to clear nearly 500 hectares of koala habitat with approximately 235 hectares of this habitat being defined by Whitehaven as ‘core habitat’. 

That’s like 500 football fields of habitat destroyed!