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Whitehaven Coal is pursuing more new coal projects than any other company in Australia.

The world’s scientists warn that all coal expansion must stop right now to avoid runaway global heating. But Whitehaven Coal is trying to dig six massive new or expanded coal projects.

Together, Whitehaven’s proposed coal projects could see an additional 3 billion tonnes of coal dug up and burned - unleashing over 8 billion tonnes of carbon emissions. This is equivalent to about 22% of the total annual energy-related emissions for the entire world.

Whitehaven Coal has been fined or investigated 35 times for offences including stealing water, destroying Aboriginal artefacts and illegally clearing protected forest. Its track record of reckless and illegal behaviour has made it the one of the most frequently litigated coal companies in Australia.

Whitehaven Coal’s coal expansion must be stopped before they do any more damage to the environment, cultural heritage and the world’s climate.

Together we can push state and federal governments to reject Whitehaven’s proposed coal projects. We can force Whitehaven’s financial partners to stop funding their destruction.

Whitehaven Coal: Australia’s worst coal company

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